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Our range of services includes:

Rodent Management

Rodents such as mice and rats not only carry disease but are also renowned for causing damage to property by chewing through wiring and floorboards in order to make nests for themselves and their litters – the reason why rodent control is necessary.

Flying Insect Management

Flying insect infestations can become a major issue for your home or business. Wasps and bees can sting and inflict pain on you, your family or co-workers if they are disturbed and moths and fruit flies become a nuisance and can damage your property and infect the food that you eat.

Bird Management

We provide a number of solutions for bird infestations such as netting, shock tracks, spikes, slides and coils. We can help you eradicate any birds that have become a nuisance. We are the pests exterminator you need.

Bug Management

A bug infestation such as termites, cockroaches, ants or bed bugs can be a hazard to the health of yourself and your family. They carry and spread disease which will pose a health risk to your family members if it is not dealt with in a timely manner.

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Regardless of what a part of Winnipeg your home is in, pests can be a nuisance. It does not matter what pest you have in your home whether it be bed bugs or rats, ants, wasps, birds and cockroaches make sure you contact our specialists to eradicate your pest control problem. We have over 15 years of industry expertise and we one of the pest control companies providing a complete array of pest control solutions, including termite control and fumigation.

As soon as pests, such as small animals, bugs, ant colonies, etc., enter into your house finding them out could be a struggle. Our skilled specialists have been providing home pest control solutions, including but are not limited to termite treatment, bed bug treatment, ant control, cockroach control, rat control, bird control, insect control, bed bug control, pigeon control and fumigation in the Winnipeg region since 2001. Our experienced professionals establish which pests we are dealing with they will review the situation, and remove them.

A large variety of pests will cause considerable damage to your house, and can also cause health risks to members of your family and to any animals you might own. Most insects and pests are not a major problem until they take control your property.

We provide a full array of pest control solutions to meet the needs of all of our clients. Our headquarters are based in Winnipeg and our trained professionals are able to provide pest control solutions to both your business and your house.

Whether you are residential or commercial client, we have solutions that exceed and could meet your requirements.

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  • Flying Insect


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  • Bug


Pest control requires different approaches depending on the pest therefore we provide an array of services, even fumigation when necessary, each tailored for the individual needs of our individual residential or commercial clients.

Residential Services

We offer a successful, intelligent and environmentally friendly service, suitable for the eradication and control of any pests that have entered your house. You need termite inspection, bed bug exterminator, pest inspection, mouse control? You name the pest control services you need, we got it. Our pest management gives you the best pest exterminator to take care of and exterminate your problem.

Bothered by flying ants? Not a problem! Just engage our pest removal services and we will send the best ant exterminator to execute a proven ant removal procedure and take care of it.

Commercial Services

Regardless of what size of business you have we can solve your problems with our commercial pest control services. We are one of the commercial pest control companies in Winnipeg who will continually examine your business and provide long term pest control solutions.

We control a wide variety of pests, and can see to insect problems in both commercial and residential spaces.

We utilize effective techniques to pest control that is encouraged and supported by the Ministry of the Environment. All of our technicians are trained to use only the latest equipment and procedures which conforms to all environmental standards.

The environmentally friendly products and procedures our technicians use have the required effect to eradicate your pest control problem. Our own workplace safety standards are high and we continually review them to maintain a safe and successful workplace for all of our employees.

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Quality of Service

We are focused on delivering government, businesses and homeowners with the highest quality pest control solutions at all times. Our people can illustrate that serving the customer's requirements is our number 1 priority.

Within our company quality of service is of upmost importance and our main objective is to meet every customers requirements. In order to satisfy every customer’s requirements we shall strive to continually improve our service delivery.

We think that prospective and current customers will respond positively to us once we show the quality of customer provided by our company.

Our dedication to quality means we have set high expectations for ourselves by continually developing checking our work, worker information, and verifying our clients' requirements are met.

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Just how badass the bed bugs are? Aside from they are so hard to detect, they can’t be prevented entirely. The one thing you can do to halt their invasion of your mattresses, beddings, bed frames and headboards to detect them as early as possible and stop them from launching themselves.


fact about bed bugs

Bumble bees and wasps’ colonies can only survive for a year. In the fall, the colony dies and the only surviving members for the winter are the newly generated queens, which, to mate with males, leave their nests before summer ends. The queens get to choose the site, where the small crevices and spaces in your house could be one of the options.


fact about bed bugs

Not all cockroach species are recognized as pests, but a small fraction of them is highly capable of causing serious trouble in various surroundings. Just imagine these unsanitary insects crawling through sewers and garbage and food preparation surfaces. You could easily get streptococcus, staphylococcus and salmonella for having them around.


fact about bed bugs

Rodents are recognized by their large twin incisors. But here is why you will hate about this part of their being. Since these incisors grow constantly, to keep them at a suitable length, they would need to be used on chewable materials regularly. The problem is if it is the things you value or parts of your house they chew.


fact about bed bugs

Did you know that bee population in Canada is decreasing? Be that as it may, you still don’t want your house infested with over-protective bees. Their sting surely is painful and the swelling makes you want to hate them more. Much more if you have bee allergies, which a sting could make faint or vomit.


fact about bed bugs

The most obvious indication that your home is already infested with fleas is when you see your pets scratching repeatedly beyond normal. This is because those little creatures could cause great discomfort to their hosts. If this is the case, either try a DIY flea control method or call the experts for help.


fact about bed bugs

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Surrounding Winnipeg: Grande Point, Headingley, Rosser, Stoney Mountain, Oak Bluff, Grosse Isle and Lorette.

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